Monday Motivation | 07

July 6, 2015

Monday Motivation 07 | Millay Vintage Blog - All Things Lovely

Good morning, and a happy Monday to you all! I’ll keep it short since I think these words are powerful and speak for themselves. I recently finished The Entrepreneur Issue of Kinfolk (an excellent issue if you can get your hands on one…I’m clearly behind on my quarterlies and assume this one is probably marked down most places since a new issue has been released since), and came across this quote from a short interview with Scott Belsky, the founder of the portfolio extraordinaire site Behance.

These words are so encouraging and illuminating of the full picture: all successes include some setbacks, failures, speed bumps, and pivoting, and these words certainly apply to much more than work and business, but to relationships, projects, new hobbies, and more.

A great reminder and mindset to keep in mind this week and beyond!


Instaglance | 12

July 2, 2015

June in an Instaglance / @millayvintage


Hi July, you are a quiet sun-of-a-gun that seriously snuck up on me. I find myself saying that every month, I know, but this summer is on warp-speed — just flying by right under me while I’m chugging a Red Bull and trying to keep up!

And while I am one of those type-A wackos who likes keeping busy and finds sleep to be this annoying break forced upon me, I have been working very hard and very methodically to restore some balance that went askew when I quickly opened my storefront in Philly. These efforts of restoration have included:


  • Putting the phone away when I get home in the evening to enjoy dinner at the table with my handsome beau (beaus if you include General Gazpacho, who has recently learned this clever trick of getting a running start from our living room and launching off the rug into Will’s lap, then rebounding up onto the kitchen table. He might have gotten a solid bite out of a burger and some tots recently, that little fox).
  • Reading a book at night before bed (rather than cruising the ‘nets, answering emails, and making massive to-do lists for the next day like I used to)
  • Having one cup of coffee in the morning before opening my laptop and jumping headfirst into work for the day


I won’t say doing said things slows life down, or minimizes my to-do list, but it does help to compartmentalize my tasks—which any creative / entrepreneur will tell you is nearly impossible to do because your work bleeds so seamlessly into your hobbies, personal passions, life at home, etc. etc.—so that has definitely been a big help.

I also feel like I haven’t read more than a very small handful of books since grad school, so it’s nice to be reading an actual book for leisure. It’s amazing actually.

In any case, I thought I would check in, show a quick little glance at my life as chronicled on Instagram, and serve it up with a healthy dose of rambling. I know, I know, you guys have been dying to read the rambling! (wink)

Let me just leave off by saying that June 2015 will be marked as the month I got to fly back South and visit with our first nephew, and getting to hold that insanely adorable little wiggle muffin for an entire weekend was priceless therapy. My sister-in-law and her husband have officially created the cutest tiny human being on the planet. Not a hyperbole in the least.

SO, how was your month? I’d love to hear!


Summer Entertaining with Anthropologie

June 12, 2015

Anthropologie recently shared some tips for decorating your outdoor space both day and night when entertaining all your jazzy, cool friends this summer over on their blog….and sound the alarm: I’m famous! Just kidding. I am not. BUT, if you squint your eyes and view this post on an enormous screen, you’ll see that there I am in Anthro-land watering “my” abundance of plants and enjoying a refreshing something-or-other with my pals around my cool round low-top table.


Summer Entertaining with Anthropologie | Millay Vintage Blog


I mean, look at how cool I am. I hand-squeeze lemons to make fresh lemonade because — duh — only the best for my friends.

I kid. I wish I could throw a party like this. But alas, when I have my friends over, we drink bottom-shelf champagne, eat non-artisanal cheese, and play Cards Against Humanity while General Gazpacho begs to sit in one of our laps. But hey, its still a good time! So when Anthropologie reaches out and asks you to come hang out with them for a day and help share some tips, well kids: you say yes.

So let me tell you about this photoshoot. The home styling team was there setting up all their seasonal home goods from kitchenwares to pillows, and larger furniture pieces and getting to witness them in action was such a treat because they are mucho, mucho talented (and equally kind and funny). They had a pretty different set-up when I first arrived that was stunningly layered and beautiful and I immediately wanted to move in, and then after getting some feedback from the higher-ups, had to drastically change the layout and setup. And they did this like it was no-thing. No biggs. That is a major show of talent – to be able to switch up layouts on a dime and create equally great alternatives.

So since I got to hang out, play dress up, water plants, and mess around with some of their home things, I thought I’d share some of my favorite pieces that I interacted with that day and secretly wanted to smuggle home. Here’s my round-up!


Summer Entertaining with Anthropologie | Millay Vintage Blog1. Brass Cap Decanter  |  2. Striped Fedora  |  3. Round Sunglasses  |  4. Perch Chair


And in case you want to check out the original Anthropologie blog post, you can view it here!



Grand Opening Recap

June 10, 2015

It is hard to believe it has been nearly a month since our brick-and-mortar grand opening — time is seriously flying! I am, of course, still growing into the space and am excited to see it evolve and transform over time, and I have loved styling outfits, home setups, and selecting a few of my favorite small-batch makers to rotate amongst all the vintage and antique wares.

THE best part of having this sweet storefront on such a darling, walkable main street? All the super adorable pups that come to visit. Seriously. (Were you expecting me to say that? Don’t tell Gazpacho…)


Millay Vintage | Storefront Grand Opening Recap



The grand opening happened on May 15th, and it was a beautiful day out. I had Emily from Heidi’s Bridge on hand making hand-tied bouquets (can I have a resident florist at the shop everyday please?) and we were serving up sparkling lemonades and mimosas all the day long. Mimosa + flowers + vintage = the perfect cocktail for fun.

I thought I’d share a few snapshots from the day, and give you a little bit of a glimpse of the shop. Of course, I’ve already rearranged things a million times, and I have fresh rotations of wares moving through constantly. The hope is that each time you visit you get a new experience with fresh goods, but a consistent, reliable sense of romance, history, and beauty every single time you come through our doors.


Millay Vintage | Storefront Grand Opening Recap


Millay Vintage | Storefront Grand Opening Recap


Millay Vintage | Storefront Grand Opening Recap


Wanna visit the Philadelphia shop (you know you do)?

All the info you need can be found on our new tab here over on the shop site. I’ll also be trying to keep our Facebook page up to speed on all the good things happening in the shop, like new arrivals, new setups, special events, etc. (it is generally a barren wasteland over there as far as interaction goes, but I’ll try to jazz things up and make it a fun follow).

And don’t forget, the online shop hasn’t gone anywhere! A new collection recently launched with a few of my favorite things still up for grabs.


– –

Photos courtesy of Erick Steinberg / Small Wonder.

A New Collection & A Styling Guide

June 3, 2015

Millay Vintage | A Styling Guide


A new collection launched in the shop today and includes a lot of the goods you see above, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to make a little mini styling guide!

In case you missed the news, Millay Vintage now has a physical shop in Philadelphia — we moved out of the studio space and now have a storefront on Main Street in the sweet Manayunk neighborhood of Philly. The online shop will be just as active as ever with frequent new collections, so you won’t notice much of a change there, but the brick-and-mortar lets us offer what has until now been too difficult to incorporate (i.e. freight shipping scares me): furniture! I’m pumped.

The above buffet is one of the current pieces we have in the shop, and while it is for local pickup only, I thought I’d style it with other Millay Vintage pieces (that are for sale online and shippable) to give a little context on how to use the piece in your home.


Millay Vintage | A Styling Guide


Below is a breakdown of the components used to style the above vignette — they provide for some good general guidelines for recreating a similar look as well!




1  |  Focal point art work:

Your eye wants something to land on, and large scale art work keeps all the smaller accessories from competing with each other for attention. So on a quick, subconscious level, you eye isn’t going “ohhh, pretty vases, ohh dark wood, ohhh, plants, ahhh, where do I look first?!” Instead it’s going “hey there, cowboy, don’t you look good”. I also like how the rugged, unfussiness of that painting plays off the more dainty surrounding details: it provides for a nice balance.

But really, that cowboy be looking good, right? It’s an original vintage signed Gaucho painting and the rich earthtones go with practically any setting.

1940s 1950s Original Signed Gaucho Painting


2 – 3  |  Botanicals

Whenever possible, one should bring flowers into their life. That is my motto. Bringing fresh flowers into a space is my favorite way to quickly make a transformation. And single bud vases like the milk glass ones pictured make a little bit go a long way: instead of buying a large bundle or bouquet, you can go out and cut or buy a couple stems to make a large impact. The assorted plants and greenery also offer more sculptural shapes and organic elements that help balance all the angular furniture and art.

Vintage Milk Glass Vases

Unglazed Ceramic Succulent Arrangement


4  |  Vintage / Antique Buffet

One of the great thing about buffets (and sideboards, credenzas, and dressers) are their versatility: think outside their original intended use. While this buffet was made to be housed in a formal dining room, I love the idea of using it in an entryway for extra storage. A few other ideas? Use it as your media center, a place to set your record player on and store your collection, a dresser, or a vanity.

Vintage Buffet Console


5  |  Woven Basket

A great way to further add some height variation and provide a bit more storage is by setting a woven basket next to your console. Use it to house umbrellas, throw blankets, beach towels, or firewood depending on the season. The one pictured is actually a vintage trapper’s backpack and is coming soon to the online shop (available in store now though!), so consider this a little sneak peak ;)


6  |  Rug

I cannot advocate enough how effective vintage and antique rugs are at bringing in a dose of character and warmth to your space, no matter your interior style. And this vintage kilim helps polish off this vignette and creates an idea that this house is lived in, not a museum.

Vintage Kilim Rug




So what do you think – are you liking this buffet used as a landing pad in an entryway? How would you use it? Also, on the topic of buffets, can I have a buffet of donuts set up in my apartment every morning? Dunkin Donuts will do just fine. Please and thank you.


Shop the new collection here.


Loving | Julien Knez

May 26, 2015

Julien Knez | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


I stumbled across these amazing snapshots via Design Father magazine and was so mesmerized, I had to share them here.

Throughout this project, French photographer Julien Knez juxtaposed scenes of Paris from the 1940s against a backdrop of how the same pieces of the city look today through a series of brilliantly aligned captures. So crazy, right? I’ll just let the photos of past against present by Knez speak for themselves:


Julien Knez | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely Julien Knez | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely Julien Knez | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely Julien Knez | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely Julien Knez | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely Julien Knez | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


To see more, you can find the series of photos posted by Design Father here.

Monday Motivation | 06

May 25, 2015

Monday Motivation 06 | All Things Lovely - Millay Vintage Blog


Hello, is anyone out there? It’s been quiet as a mouse over on this blog lately, that I can’t deny. Plus it’s a holiday today over here in the States, so chances are you are spring cleaning your home, out at the beach, or poolside rather than catching up on your blogs…BUT nonetheless, I wanted to check in, say a hello and a how-d’ya-do!

I happened to catch this interview with film music composer Gustavo Santaolalla (he created the score on films Brokeback Mountain and Babel, to name a few) on NPR’s show On Being recently — which is definitely worth a listen if you have the time — and I loved his articulation of what art is to him. Music happens to be his medium, but he described composition as simply a tool of expressing his art, not the defining aspect of what art is to him. In any case, I always love listening to artists and creatives who excel and pursue perfection in what they do, and hearing him talk about the role of music in films was both motivating and inspiring.

In case you want to give it a listen, you can stream the segment here.


– –

original background image via Sunday Suppers.

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