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January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites 04 | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


Happy Friday friends! We got some snow here in Philly the other day, which put my car out of commission and left me working from home for the day and evening. Being snowed in (okay, it was only a couple inches, but nonetheless I avoided the cold and stayed indoors) gave me the chance to catch up on my blog reading and cruising through the rabbit hole that is the internet. I came out the other side with a few favorites I thought I’d share to lead you into the weekend:



What about you guys — what caught your eye, your ear, or your heart this week?



Image source can be found here.

A Little Something New | Styling Work

January 21, 2015

WELL HELLO MY DEARS,  I’m super excited to share a few new things around these parts! I’ll give you fair warning that this is going to be a long post, so I hope you’ll grab a seat and indulge me. You may have noticed that a “SERVICES” link cropped up over on the sidebar a few months back that led to a sad, blank page with no further information. This past year has been an exciting whirlwind of bringing the Millay Vintage Shop to life, and I have been so overjoyed and humbled at its growth and the amazing, smart, and stylish community that has embraced it’s aesthetic and offerings. With that came wonderful opportunities to work with creatives that I love and admire on collaborations where I stepped in as a stylist for a number of projects and photoshoots outside of my main squeeze of maintaining the online shop. Doing these styling projects has felt like a natural extension of what I do in the shop—curating a focused aesthetic that marries history with modernity and balances that tension between timely and timelessness for the wardrobe and home—so much so, that it just made sense to me to officially start offering styling services under the Millay Vintage umbrella.


Claire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage Collaboration


And thus, without further ado, that sad and empty Services page is no longer and has now been fully outfitted with the new extension of Millay Vintage — a description and breakdown of our Styling and Design services. You’ll notice that I am also branching into interiors, which has been a long time goal of mine and I’m taking the jump now to start officially taking on interior design and interior styling projects after a lot of encouragement from friends, family, and other interior design professionals who have mentored me over the years.

I hope you’ll take some time to browse the new Services page and share your thoughts and feedback!

.  .  .

In that spirit, I wanted to share a recent styling project I took on. Philadelphia photographer Claire Hudson reached out to me after I moved here about collaborating on a project, and a glance through her work at this beautiful shoot she had just wrapped up at the time left no hesitation in my mind that we could create some magic together.

Claire has recently launched her own new photography project — Claire Loves Love Boudoir Co. — where she is redefining the concept of boudoir to an elevated, ethereal aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of women. Her heart for giving a new sense of meaning and empowerment to women in such a tasteful way made this an easy and exciting collaboration. We worked together on the overall art direction and set design, and then I provided wardrobe and prop styling services. With the help of Nicole Ricco for make-up, this shoot came together seamlessly and I’m so excited to finally share the images from this styling project.


Claire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage Collaboration Claire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage CollaborationClaire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage CollaborationClaire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage Collaboration Claire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage Collaboration Claire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage CollaborationClaire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage CollaborationClaire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage Collaboration Claire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage CollaborationClaire Loves Love Boudoir & Millay Vintage Collaboration


View more from this photoshoot here in my portfolio, and be sure to check out Claire’s work and her beautiful video on the front page!



CREDITS  |  Floral Styling: Claire Hudson, with flowers by Petit Jardin en Ville  |  Set design and prop styling: Claire Hudson and Mary Spears  |  Hair: Claire Hudson and Mary Spears  |  Makeup: Nicole Ricco, Sweet Pea Beauty  |  Wardobe styling: Mary Spears / Millay Vintage  |  Photography: Claire Hudson  |  Model: Monica Aileen Johnson

Monday Motivation / 01

January 19, 2015

Single Ladies Beyonce by Draw Me A Song | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


Got the Monday blues and having a hard time snapping into work mode after the weekend (for those of us who don’t have today off)? Just hit play below and turn up this song, study this amazing ultimate dance guide, get your groove on, and inhale that hot cup of coffee. Don’t worry, no one is looking ;)

I’m thinking this is a pretty strong formula for success, single or not — am I right?

Cheers to an awesome week and a cure-all for any Monday blues!



West Elm and Kate Spade Saturday

January 15, 2015

As someone who has generally shied away from bright, vibrant colors when it comes to my own wardrobe and home, you might be surprised to learn that I spend a good amount of time ogling colorful interiors and decor from afar and taking it all in with joy. And when I saw that Kate Spade Saturday—the notoriously colorful and graphic-centered label—had collaborated with West Elm, I eagerly dropped what I was doing to take a nice, leisurely browse.

My personal favorites from the limited collection include:


WE + KS Saturday | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

The Anders Chair 

WE + KS Saturday | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Maze Dhurrie Rug

WE + KS Saturday | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Garment Rack


WE + KS Saturday | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Painted Floral Wall Art

Kate Spade was the first high-end designer I really came to know and appreciate, with its fanciful and fun twist on classic staples. Then when KS Saturday launched with their even more youthful and whimsical twist on fashion, I happily became reacquainted with their splashy take on wardrobe staples, so it is particularly fun to see their youthful yet elevated interpretation on home decor through this collaboration. That striped rug in particular really catches my eye, and I’d gladly adorn my walls with that beautiful print, wouldn’t you?

  • View the entire collection by West Elm and Kate Spade Saturday here.


The New Millay Vintage Collection

January 14, 2015

New Collection at Millay Vintage


Good morning loves! If you are a subscriber of the Millay Vintage newsletter, then you saw that the first collection of the year went live over in the shop yesterday morning. There are so many great pieces that I love that it was hard to narrow down my personal favorites. I pulled together a versatile spread of items from casual to formal for these pre-spring days and each of those little home decor items represent items that I love having around my own home.

A deco decanter? Yes please. The perfect pair of trousers for work and play? Trousers are always harder to find than you think and I’m in a deep love affair with the pair above. And the brocade on that dress is so insanely stunning in person—it adds a perfect classy yet glitzy pop to any winter affair.

Have you taken a browse at the new collection yet? I’d love to know what is catching your eye…


2015 | A New Year and A New Leaf

January 12, 2015

2015 - A New Year | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


I may be about two weeks late on this ushering in of the new year, but better late than never, right? I look back on 2014 with such fullness and am brimming with excitement for this new year — I’m venturing into some new directions, feel revived about moving the shop forward into a new year of loveliness, and am excited to get to know this new city of mine in bigger and better ways!

While I’m not quite ready to share all the details yet (still crossing some Ts and dotting some Is), a big new venture for this year is that I’ll officially be offering styling and interior design services. While I’ve taken on a few editorial and event styling jobs this past year, I’ll be making those services an official part of Millay Vintage and hope to make interiors a growing aspect of what I do. I’ll be sharing more about this in days to come, but let me just say I’m super excited to hit the ground running.

And I’ve got a new collection ready to launch in the shop, so keep your eyes peeled for some beautiful Fresh Arrivals over at Millay Vintage first thing tomorrow morning!

I’m marking 2015 as a year to put myself out there a bit more: take bigger risks, try new things, experiment around a little. I mean, I just bought myself a neon-hued planner (say what? not a muted tone?!) and am one lesson deep in ballet classes, so I’d say I’m off to a good start. What about you, what are your overarching goals for the year, and have you gotten started yet? Would love to know!



Design Sponge Shoot Sources

December 19, 2014

Happy Friday friends! Before you get sick of seeing photos of my apartment, I thought I’d check back in to share my Design Sponge shoot sources, my likes and dislikes, and plans to further transform this space of mine. It’s no surprise that a lot of the contents of my home are vintage, but I’ve tried to suss out the items that aren’t and link over to them in case any of you are interested!


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Bedding: West Elm Organic Matelasse Duvet Cover (Bonus: you just might see a General Gazpacho over on this link too!)
Throw Blanket: West Elm Softest Throw   |   White votive candle: Tocca Stella Candelina


Full disclosure: I actually use a dumpy old Ikea task lamp on my bedside right now since the one above needs to be rewired…but this one is so much prettier, so you can’t blame me for sneaking it into the shoot right? I fell in love with that 1970s French wallpaper you can see hanging behind the bed, but it was too damaged to properly install. I ended up hanging it in that makeshift maple frame with brass screws and I’m not quite sold on how it turned out. As I said in this post, this room is the most “unfinished” and will likely make a bigger transformation over time. But for now, we are enjoying the simplicity, openness, and abundant natural light in there.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Coffee table: West Elm Marble Oval Table | Floor lamp: Ikea RANARP Floor lamp
Curtains: Threshold Chiffon Sheer Curtains   |   Bulb vase: H&M Home


Some day, I’m hoping to find a nice and large abstract painting for above the sofa to infuse a bit more color and modernity into the space, but I’m happy taking my time to save up for that fated piece. For now, I’m ogling prints like this one or this one (hung horizontally) as inspiration.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


Man these yellow floors kill me, and not in a good way, so lets just ignore them for now, shall we?

That brass side table from Urban Outfitters is ubiquitous for a reason: it is at a great price point, has enough details to make it interesting, but is minimal enough to not feel “visually heavy”.  And thus, I bought it and it lived happily ever after next to our vintage sofa. If I get sick of it there, it will always make for a beautiful plant stand for a cascading green that I’m known to hoard, so all in all, it was an easy buy. That painting on the ground next to it was one I picked up at a sidewalk sale that I meant to list in the shop, but I got sticky fingers with it and ended up keeping it. Is it a bit frumpy when combined with our yellow floors? Yes. But do I love those peeks of turquoise / peacock blue-green? Yes again.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


I love how Grace describes that I have an affinity for nudes in the caption to this photo on the Design Sponge tour—it totally cracks me up. But I did love this one from the moment I laid eyes on it in the beautiful local shop Meadowsweet Mercantile. It is a 1940s original oil painting by a local Philadelphia artist Charles Hewins. The colors are moody without being too heavy, and the imperfections of her form are so beautiful and real. The bronze spotlight is from Target, record player is from Urban Outfitters (similar).

Styling-wise, I wish I had angled that vintage bentwood ottoman a bit and put any other (fuller) plant on top other than that silly one that shortly after died. It is a total 1990s real-estate plant, but nonetheless I bought it and it landed there and is immortalized in this photo. C’est la vie.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


A raw wood wishbone chair has been on my wishlist (pun intended) for quite some time, but since I hadn’t fatefully found a vintage one, I pulled the trigger on this replication from Overstock and was pleasantly surprised by its quality! (Unpleasantly surprised by its yellow glossiness though, I won’t lie). It is shockingly comfy and I love how it has such an airy, minimal presence. So duh, I saddled it right up to my semi-ornate vintage dresser-turned-media center and my vintage 1930s Paris map that I had professionally framed.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


Everything above is vintage except for that rug (a few seasons old from Pottery Barn) which is laughably way too small for that nook, but it was a work-with-what-you-got shot. I’m planning on replacing it with a better fit down the road, but the road to the right rug can be long and hard, you know? That tulip table was a great vintage find in Boston, and while CB2 and Ikea have modern remakes of this iconic staple, I’d read review after review complaining of the quality of both major retailers’ version, saying they chipped easily and wobbled. So if you’re thinking tulip tables and weighing your decisions, try to pick up a vintage one if you can.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Wood cut charger: Terrain | Magnetic knife rack: MOC Woodworks | Cutting board: West Elm | Lidded sugar box: Anthropologie

The cabinets and counters in the kitchen were in miserable shape, so I opted to paint them and added contact paper to the counters. Not perfect, but an improvement for sure. Paint colors by Pantone with “Cloud Dancer” used up top and “Charcoal Gray” used below.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Peg rack: Crate & Barrel

Between the Design Sponge feature of our space last week and the extras I shared in an earlier post on this here blog, there are a number of pictures floating around of the apartment right now, so if you see something that didn’t make the cut here and are wondering where an item is from, feel free to ask in the comments!

I’m excited to experiment around as I continue to decorate and settle in to this new apartment of ours here in Philadelphia, and I’ll no doubt be sharing some of those transformations here — excited to have you following along friends!

Happy weekend to you all!


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All photos by Joe St. Pierre Photography

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