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October 29, 2014

Vintage the MV Way | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


It’s no secret that I’m a neutrals gal based on what I typically stock the MV Shop with (beaucoup des creams, whites, and blushes). Fall, however, offers such a fantastic opportunity to take your color palette into moodier hues, richer colors, that somehow still exude some sense of earth toned neutrality.

As a personal advocate of blending modern and vintage, I thought I’d style up a couple of my favorite items in the shop right now. That dress has such a beautiful blend of darker hues, a flattering fit-and-flare silhouette, and the buttons (I suggest you click on over to the listing to see more detailed photos) are really such an example of why vintage garments are such treasures. And that vintage bag is exceptional — it’s simple, handsome, and versatile — and magically fits everything you need, from your tablets and planners, cold-weather gloves, an adorable puppy (I kid) — but whatever it is you throw into your totes these days, it can easily house.

I love that this outfit doesn’t try to camouflage its vintage elements, but instead draws attention to the dress and bag without being too costume-like. What do you guys think?

1. 1950s Dress  /  2.  Boots  /  3.  Sunglasses  /  4.  1960s Bag  /  5.  Trench Coat


Monday Musing

October 27, 2014

Monday Musing | All Things Lovely: The Millay Vintage Blog

I ran across this quote the other day and it has been jogging around in my mind ever since. Call it a trademark of being from the South, or call it a well-conditioned gender response, but the balance between humility and confidence is something I struggle with on the regular.

My gut tells me it isn’t polite to be confident. My instincts tell me any outward sign of confidence is conveyed as arrogance. My upbringing tells me to always give compliments, not to take them.

When someone pays me a compliment? I quickly deflect any praise with self-deprecating punches and instead start showering who I’m chatting with in praise. I’ve realized over the past couple of years — in which I have prioritized my own creative pursuits career-wise — that I’ve become self-conscious about what I do, frustrated by a lack of respect, and convinced of my nothing-ness. All that self-deprecating humor I use to deflect a compliment? It messes with my psyche and convinces me that my own attempt at humility doubles as an anthem of not valuing what I do and convincing others that they, too, should not value me or what I do.

But that is, to call it what it really is, bull shit. I LOVE what I do. I truly believe that I have creative gifts that others don’t, that I am specifically talented in ways where I can tease out beauty in any surrounding, help people feel more confident in who they are, to see their loveliness and compliment it with the right garments, to come home or to work and surround themselves with decor that makes them feel calm and understood, safe and comfortable. And I think those are incredibly important traits that I get to capitalize on every single day! And heavens knows I pull so many late nights and early mornings and long days toiling away hard at work to allow myself to succeed at what I do, and make a living off of what makes me come alive, and to push myself towards newer, bigger goals.

Beyond that, if there is anything I endlessly do, it’s taking notice of all the awesome, insanely talented and diligently hard-working women in my life — whether they are friends, or just someone I’ve followed and admired from afar. And when I get together with these ladies? I’m not shy in telling them how they inspire me. How I notice the little details that set them apart. So why is it so hard for me to take a compliment in return? The big truth I’m learning to believe in and want to start reinforcing is that it isn’t a sin to feel proud of your hard work and your passions. That is a silly taboo that has an incredibly effective way of keeping you down. Instead, if we believe in supporting those that inspire us to be better and do better, then we should also get better at learning to take in sincere compliments as well as give them. Constantly deflecting kind words — I’m learning, at least for me — is a tick I have because I don’t believe I deserve kind words. Everyone else does, sure, but not me. And when I articulate that and write it out, I see how stupid that really is and how much that type of mindset hinders my potential.

So, I’m making it a goal, friends, to get better at saying thank you rather than saying, “oh no no no.” To get better at taking that compliment and believing it, to get better at conveying pride in what I do, the impact I make in my professional circle, and the value I think my skills bring to the world at large. Just make sure for every compliment you take in, you are paying it forward to others that inspire, motivate, and support you too.

How much more effective and successful can we be if we stop telling ourselves we are less than we are? I can’t wait to see. Let’s hold each other accountable, shall we?


Friday Find: Interior Style Love

October 24, 2014

As a chronic renter, I’m tackling the usual apartment hurdles with a renewed vigor in our new-to-us apartment. As opposed to the past few cities we’ve lived in, we came to Philly knowing we’d be here for the next several years — and with that knowledge, I’ve been decidedly more proactive about settling in and creating a home. While a lot of my ideas for our abode will have to come gradually (because, for one, costs add up fast no matter how much D.I.Y. you put into things), I’m happily left ogling all the beautiful spaces these interwebs can proffer up to my interiors-crazed self in the meantime.


Aesthetic Movement on Remodelista | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


That said, have you seen this phenomenally curated home by Jesse James and Kostas (Gus) Anagnopoulos? Their tour was recently shared on Remodelista, and while it leans a bit more “traditional / farmhouse rustic” than my personal tastes, there were so many vignettes that stopped me in my tracks and left me drooling. That dark navy paint above is leaving me questioning the dark gray I just did in our kitchen…maybe I made the wrong choice?


Aesthetic Movement on Remodelista | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


That antique lamp is haunting me ^. It’s just so good.


Aesthetic Movement on Remodelista | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Aesthetic Movement on Remodelista | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog



/ To see more, visit their full tour over on Remodelista here.


Fresh Arrivals at MV

October 22, 2014

Fall Arrivals at Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


Loads to love in the new collection that was just released on Tuesday, including plenty of cozy winter coats, darling frocks in moodier, autumn-approved hues, and pieces that make a house a home. Let’s not forget, we are about to embark on the path that avalanches quickly into holiday travels….so someone snap that vintage tweed Hartmann duffle bag fast! Because the functionality of all its compartments are matched only by its utter handsomeness.

/ Shop all these new arrivals and more here.

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Cheers to all this brisk chilliness!


Feeling Fall

October 20, 2014

Mary Spears of Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely - MV Blog | Feeling Fall


As a gal who lived a lot of years in the South before transplanting to Boston and now Philly a few years back, I have to say that autumn in the Northeast cannot be beat. The colors on the trees sing, the air chills to a refreshing crisp, and the world around us transforms into a charming splendor of coziness with mulled ciders in the kitchen and wood logs in the fireplace. Sounding a bit idyllic yet?

This past weekend was a particularly iconic fall scene for me where I styled a beautiful gathering hosted by Heidi’s Bridge in the countryside of Pennsylvania (more on this to come in another post). Let’s just say there were plenty of gourds, fields of wheat, campfires, and s’mores involved.

All of this fall-ness that has gradually taken its place here in Philly also marked a time to transition my own wardrobe towards cozier layers. And in that perfect timing, the talented Holly Marie of HM Designs asked me to share a few tips on how to incorporate vintage pieces into any wardrobe over on her blog.


Tips for Wearing Vintage | Millay Vintage |


To read up on my tips and get links to the pretty vintage items I rounded up above, be sure to check out our guide to Autumn vintage style over on Holly Marie’s Design Blog!

Autumn Vintage Pieces for Any Wardrobe


Friday Favorites

October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites | All Things Lovely - Millay Vintage Blog |


Fridays always sneak up on me, but here we are at another. This week really started to feel like fall around here with leaves changing colors above and with mornings and evenings feeling decidedly chillier, which means I’ve officially started working sweaters into my daily rotation. These pragmatic posts from Madewell and Free People about how to best store and launder these tricky, heavier knits seemed perfectly timely. (Let me just add a note and emphasize that particularly with cashmere and merino wool, you don’t want to fuss around with the fabric too much while soaking or little holes will start to form.)

/  10 tips on how to care for your sweaters featured on the Madewell Musings blog

/  How to Care for Cashmere featured on the Free People BLDG 25 blog

This weekend, you’ll find me painting away all the beige in our apartment for fresher, cleaner hues. What are you guys up to?


The latest at Millay Vintage

October 7, 2014

Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely

There is a pronounced crisp of coolness in the air these days as the leaves above us are changing colors. With that, you’ll notice more autumnal hues entering the shop, with lovely garments to layer with and richer, moodier hues to bring into your home with our House + Home items.

In our Bridal section, you’ll see the same ethereal, romantic look we love, but with tiers and layers to better suit the cooler temperatures.

And of course, we offer some non-seasonal specific picks as well for our international friends, and we think everything in our shop serves as a lovely element to layer with, any time of the year.

Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely

I imagine the lady that lounges around in the 1920s Silk Peach Step In above also adorns her walls with that gorgeous Large Asian Folding Fan.

Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely

Autumn Falls Dress | Victorian Mid Length Veil

Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely

1930s Cambridge Riding Jacket | Vintage Floral Harvest Container

Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely

Layered Dreams Dress | 1950s / 1960s Fine Affair Fur Collar Jacket


These are just a few of my favorites from the latest collection. View the whole onslaught of Fresh Arrivals here!


top photo from our 2014 Look Book by Joe St. Pierre

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