Design Sponge Shoot Sources

December 19, 2014

Happy Friday friends! Before you get sick of seeing photos of my apartment, I thought I’d check back in to share my Design Sponge shoot sources, my likes and dislikes, and plans to further transform this space of mine. It’s no surprise that a lot of the contents of my home are vintage, but I’ve tried to suss out the items that aren’t and link over to them in case any of you are interested!


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Bedding: West Elm Organic Matelasse Duvet Cover (Bonus: you just might see a General Gazpacho over on this link too!)
Throw Blanket: West Elm Softest Throw   |   White votive candle: Tocca Stella Candelina


Full disclosure: I actually use a dumpy old Ikea task lamp on my bedside right now since the one above needs to be rewired…but this one is so much prettier, so you can’t blame me for sneaking it into the shoot right? I fell in love with that 1970s French wallpaper you can see hanging behind the bed, but it was too damaged to properly install. I ended up hanging it in that makeshift maple frame with brass screws and I’m not quite sold on how it turned out. As I said in this post, this room is the most “unfinished” and will likely make a bigger transformation over time. But for now, we are enjoying the simplicity, openness, and abundant natural light in there.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Coffee table: West Elm Marble Oval Table | Floor lamp: Ikea RANARP Floor lamp
Curtains: Threshold Chiffon Sheer Curtains   |   Bulb vase: H&M Home


Some day, I’m hoping to find a nice and large abstract painting for above the sofa to infuse a bit more color and modernity into the space, but I’m happy taking my time to save up for that fated piece. For now, I’m ogling prints like this one or this one (hung horizontally) as inspiration.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


Man these yellow floors kill me, and not in a good way, so lets just ignore them for now, shall we?

That brass side table from Urban Outfitters is ubiquitous for a reason: it is at a great price point, has enough details to make it interesting, but is minimal enough to not feel “visually heavy”.  And thus, I bought it and it lived happily ever after next to our vintage sofa. If I get sick of it there, it will always make for a beautiful plant stand for a cascading green that I’m known to hoard, so all in all, it was an easy buy. That painting on the ground next to it was one I picked up at a sidewalk sale that I meant to list in the shop, but I got sticky fingers with it and ended up keeping it. Is it a bit frumpy when combined with our yellow floors? Yes. But do I love those peeks of turquoise / peacock blue-green? Yes again.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


I love how Grace describes that I have an affinity for nudes in the caption to this photo on the Design Sponge tour—it totally cracks me up. But I did love this one from the moment I laid eyes on it in the beautiful local shop Meadowsweet Mercantile. It is a 1940s original oil painting by a local Philadelphia artist Charles Hewins. The colors are moody without being too heavy, and the imperfections of her form are so beautiful and real. The bronze spotlight is from Target, record player is from Urban Outfitters (similar).

Styling-wise, I wish I had angled that vintage bentwood ottoman a bit and put any other (fuller) plant on top other than that silly one that shortly after died. It is a total 1990s real-estate plant, but nonetheless I bought it and it landed there and is immortalized in this photo. C’est la vie.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


A raw wood wishbone chair has been on my wishlist (pun intended) for quite some time, but since I hadn’t fatefully found a vintage one, I pulled the trigger on this replication from Overstock and was pleasantly surprised by its quality! (Unpleasantly surprised by its yellow glossiness though, I won’t lie). It is shockingly comfy and I love how it has such an airy, minimal presence. So duh, I saddled it right up to my semi-ornate vintage dresser-turned-media center and my vintage 1930s Paris map that I had professionally framed.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


Everything above is vintage except for that rug (a few seasons old from Pottery Barn) which is laughably way too small for that nook, but it was a work-with-what-you-got shot. I’m planning on replacing it with a better fit down the road, but the road to the right rug can be long and hard, you know? That tulip table was a great vintage find in Boston, and while CB2 and Ikea have modern remakes of this iconic staple, I’d read review after review complaining of the quality of both major retailers’ version, saying they chipped easily and wobbled. So if you’re thinking tulip tables and weighing your decisions, try to pick up a vintage one if you can.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Wood cut charger: Terrain | Magnetic knife rack: MOC Woodworks | Cutting board: West Elm | Lidded sugar box: Anthropologie

The cabinets and counters in the kitchen were in miserable shape, so I opted to paint them and added contact paper to the counters. Not perfect, but an improvement for sure. Paint colors by Pantone with “Cloud Dancer” used up top and “Charcoal Gray” used below.


Millay Vintage Apartment Tour | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Peg rack: Crate & Barrel

Between the Design Sponge feature of our space last week and the extras I shared in an earlier post on this here blog, there are a number of pictures floating around of the apartment right now, so if you see something that didn’t make the cut here and are wondering where an item is from, feel free to ask in the comments!

I’m excited to experiment around as I continue to decorate and settle in to this new apartment of ours here in Philadelphia, and I’ll no doubt be sharing some of those transformations here — excited to have you following along friends!

Happy weekend to you all!


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All photos by Joe St. Pierre Photography

Holiday Inspiration

December 17, 2014

With yesterday’s start of Hanukkah and with Christmas right around the corner, we are knee-deep in these winter holidays friends. I’m not a huge “must get that tree up, must hang garland everywhere, must break out the ornaments” type of gal, and I’m thinking perhaps one of the reasons is that the lumberjack buffulo-plaid and saturated-green-red-and-blues don’t lend to the muted and calm aesthetic I have happening in my abode.

Holiday Inspiration Board | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

BUT, I put myself up to the task to host a little holiday get together at our home and have been loving and gravitating towards this more muted palette (go figure) of golds, soft whites, light browns, sage, and blush pink. These hues certainly still feel festive, but also lend a more authentic representation of the colors we see out in nature, where life is a bit frozen. Everything happening in this inspiration board feels celebratory of the season, but I also know I would love each component here no matter the time of year. Classic, simple, timeless. It’s the MV way (wink).


  • Sources for all photos used above can be found here (hint: I’ll continue to corral winter holiday inspiration on this Pinterest board if you’d like to follow along!)
  • Doesn’t this festive drink look divine! I just might have to conjure it up for our holiday fête…


How about you guys: anyone hosting a holiday soirée? Feel free to share your hosting tips (I’m a party-hosting rookie myself, so tips are most definitely welcome and appreciated).



PS: In need of the perfect holiday outfit? Still looking for a gift with character for yourself or loved ones? Don’t worry, the newest collection at Millay Vintage has you covered ;)


December 15, 2014

Alright friends, I’ve just released the final collection of 2014 at Millay Vintage and there are lots of fanciful wears for those fun end-of-year shindigs!


Fresh Arrivals | All Things Lovely - Millay Vintage Blog


New Years Eve is one of those festive times that you can wear beaded gowns and tops, and I say that we should all take advantage of that to the fullest. The bottom left dress is so gorgeous it was nearly impossible to capture it’s full subtle glamour via photos, and that corset top would look so amazing with a high-waisted black wool trouser and suede black booties, don’t you think? Both of those black dresses make me feel like I could put them on and head on over to one of Holly Golightly’s kooky but fabulous parties and have a blast.


Fresh Arrivals | All Things Lovely - Millay Vintage Blog

The home goods are some of my favorite bits to hunt for and love how well they work in beautifying your own space or serving as a gift for a loved one.


Fresh Arrivals | All Things Lovely - Millay Vintage Blog


And even though many consider the New Year a time to start prepping the wardrobe for spring’s arrival, we all know there are plenty of cold, wintery months ahead where a cozy coat would serve us well.


To shop these and more, visit our Fresh Arrivals over at Millay Vintage!




December 12, 2014

I always intend to do this more often, but Fridays always sneak up on me. But not this one—today I am prepared! There were so many wonderful bits of eye-candy and thoughtful words of inspiration that I stumbled across on the interwebs this week that I thought I’d share my favorites in a end-of-the-week round up.

Friday Favorites | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

1  /  This fun styling for GAP  by Design Love Fest looks like a blast and has me a little jealous of how warm winter is on the West Coast.

2  /  I loved this thoughtful essay by Kate Arends  over on Wit & Delight about shedding labels and embracing the gray.

3  /  First and foremost, I worship the joy that is Emily Henderson. Secondly, she shared a super transparent and enlightening post about the magic of Photoshop.

4  /  Hands down, I want to reach through the internet and hug Leandra Medine for explaining why she wears bad pants. She articulates so well that how we dress ourselves can be a tool of confidence and empowerment, and after reading this I immediately fell in love with her.

5  /  Yep, I’m going to shamelessly plug my home tour over on Design*Sponge. It was definitely one of my favorite moments of the week, so why not? Do cruise on over and check it out if you haven’t already!

6  /  Can’t decide if I should be in awe of this or just completely weirded out. Either way, #fashionbyMayhem is a thing. Thoughts?


Oh and P.S. — I just released the final collection of vintage wears and wares of 2014 over in the shop with loads of warm winter layers, beautiful pieces for holiday and NYE parties, and amazing home items that I want to hoard for myself.


Happy Friday loves! xo.

Design Sponge Feature

December 10, 2014

I am so excited and humbled to have my new-to-me Philadelphia home featured over on Design*Sponge this week. I am human, and therefore have been a huge D*S fan for years — following their blog, tuning into the founder Grace’s podcasts, and squirreling away ideas from their beautiful book — and was so thrilled and flattered when Grace contacted me about sharing a tour of our new space.

DESIGN SPONGE & MILLAY VINTAGE | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog



We had the talented Joe St. Pierre photograph everything, and he did such a fantastic job with the photos, I had a hard time narrowing down which to submit to D*S. So why not share those from the cutting room floor here?

In the official tour, you’ll see the breakfast nook of our kitchen with our tulip table and chairs, but on the other side you would see this:

Extra Photos from the Design Sponge photoshoot | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Extra Photos from the Design Sponge photoshoot | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Extra Photos from the Design Sponge photoshoot | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

The kitchen was a hot mess when we moved in, with terrible faux wood counters and water stained and overly scratched up cabinets. As a renter, and someone on an über tight budget, I didn’t really have the option of truly replacing any components of the kitchen. And thus, several coats of paint later and some crafty usage of contact paper, there was a decent enough facelift to leave me happier with the space.

I do plan on doing some more work in here (i.e. trying my hand at tiling), so I may be sharing that down the road.

And here is the flip side of our kitchen, one of my favorite spots in our home:

Extra Photos from the Design Sponge photoshoot | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Extra Photos from the Design Sponge photoshoot | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

An area that didn’t make it to the Design*Sponge feature was this peek into our entryway, which I really love.  I love that simple peg coat rack and that floral topped storage trunk is an antique find. Its great to have a spot to dump everything right when I walk in (you know, so I can crouch down and let that crazy General Gazpacho bombard me with love).

Extra Photos from the Design Sponge photoshoot | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

Extra Photos from the Design Sponge photoshoot | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog
And speak of the handsome devil, there is General Gazpacho, saying “come on in folks.”

Extra Photos from the Design Sponge photoshoot | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

I didn’t end up sharing that many photos from our bedroom, mainly because I just wasn’t happy with how they were picturing. Like this vignette above — the reflection from the frame kept bothering me and we’ve got a much more in-depth look at our bedroom and bathroom space from Boston coming out in an exciting publication in 2015 (sorry for the elusive baiting friends. I’ll share when I can!). Since it is mostly the same furniture and such from the Boston apartment, I figured it wasn’t too important to focus on the bedroom for now. This is also the space I still want to do a lot of transforming to in the months to come — perhaps a moodier paint color, I’d like to replace this dresser, and I’m looking for a good rug for under the bed.

Extra Photos from the Design Sponge photoshoot | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

This is a more pulled out look at our second bedroom, which we are currently using as a study, a storage space for some styling props, and transforms into our guest room with a plush air mattress that Gazpacho wants as his permanent bed.

Extra Photos from the Design Sponge photoshoot | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


I’ve still got a lot of plans for transforming the space as we continue to settle in. And I’m known for rotating things in and out on a whim to keep things fresh and will keep sharing that process here when I can. Here’s hoping you don’t get sick of seeing my home ;)

Design*Sponge also recently underwent a beautiful facelift where they minimal-ized their site a bit, which I love. In that, though, it looks like they have eliminated the source list for these home tours. Would any of you be interested in me going back through the official tour photos and providing sources on where everything is from? Let me know, I just might make that happen.

In any case, thank you for following along on this epically long post, and be sure to check out our full home tour over on Design*Sponge if you’re interested in seeing more!


All photos by Joe St. Pierre Photography

A Bit of Monday Magic

December 8, 2014

Hardi's Gallery GIF | Millay Vintage Blog - All Things Lovely


The season of frost is certainly upon us, isn’t it? This morning I am donning layers of warmth, cozy gloves, and consuming more than my fair share of piping hot coffee. Oh, and memories of the magical beauty of a very lovely photoshoot I styled at the Millay Vintage Studio yesterday is certainly helping keep me rosy and happy too. More on that to come soon, but for now, check out the behind the scenes sneak peeks here and here.

Happy Monday to you all!


Original source for winter GIF can be found here.

Winter Arrivals at Millay Vintage

December 4, 2014

If you haven’t mosied on over to the shop this week, then you haven’t seen our latest collection of new arrivals, full of beautiful, cozy goods for winter. There are so. many. goodies to spoil yourself with or to gift a loved one with!  Don’t believe me? I brought evidence.


Evidence A:

Fresh Arrivals for Winter | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog

I can’t even handle that black floral embroidered cape. Somebody needs to galavant around town turning heads in that, ASAP. The dress at the top right is truly one of my favorites of all time: it is a 1940s frock that is in mint condition and has the most darling details ever. Burgundy T-strap heels anyone? Duh.


Evidence B:

1940s Navy Glamour Dress | Millay Vintage


When I saw this dress, I gasped. It is gorgeous. It is super well-preserved. It is graceful beyond doubt. Navy. 1940s. Beauty.

Evidence C: 

Winter Arrivals | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


Festivus for the rest-of-us. Don’t these pieces just make you want to hang around some mistletoe drinking eggnog? That wool Pendleton cape especially is something quite special, no?

 Evidence D:

1950s 1960s Darling Day Dress | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


Pretty sure this 1950s 1960s Darling Day Dress speaks for itself. Soft beige wool with pockets, tie backs, and that sweet silk dotted collar.

AND Evidence E:

New Arrivals for Home | All Things Lovely - The Millay Vintage Blog


The House + Home goods. I personally love that handsome Antique Moody Sails Framed Art and would put it anywhere in my home, but I can also see it being the perfect gift.


If you want to see more, visit the whole collection!



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