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April 21, 2015

Bobbie Burgers | All Things Lovely


I recently stumbled across Canadian artist Bobbie Burgers’ work via The Jealous Curator and have been mesmerized by her world of florals ever since. Her large canvases are dripping with rich hues investigating botanicals in a way that gives a bit of a modern, moody touch to such a traditional subject.


Bobbie Burgers | All Things Lovely - Millay Vintage


While I am no expert in art, these acrylic, oversized paintings seem to find some middle ground between impressionist and expressionist styles. There is some tension between the soft and the bold going on that is wonderfully hypnotic, and I can’t ever deny the power of such gigantic blooms and love how much texture they are given in all her pieces.

Bobbie Burgers | All Things Lovely


If you want to see more of Burgers, you can read her interview with House & Home magazine here, follow along on her beautiful Instagram here, or if you are lucky enough to be in the Toronto area, you can see her work in person from now until April 30th at the Bau-Xi Gallery.

Instaglance | 11

April 14, 2015

Oh hello April, why you going by so fast? It might already be the 14th, but for my type-A self, I gotta post a quick glance at March or one day when I look back in my archives and see a gap in my “insta-glances,” I will break out in hives, question everything I know, and delete this entire blog. Don’t I sound like so much fun to hang out with? ;)


March in an Instaglance | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely



Just looking at that snow-covered tree from March makes me glad that we’ve finally eclipsed winter and I can stow away my winter coat (aka, puffy sleeping bag) and frolic among the soon-to-bloom flowers.

What you might have missed in March:


+ The kick-off of an interior design project I’m currently elbow-deep in (I’ve since finished the office installation and am set to finish out the client’s guest room at the end of this week)

+ This gorgeous collection of goods came and went, with a few items still available (somebody get that floral cardigan ASAP, it’s one of the most darling I’ve ever seen)

+ We did a beautiful collaboration with Inkifi, and while the exclusive discount code has now expired, their prices are super reasonable and I highly suggest ordering some of the vintage prints at some point — they are some of my favorite little momentos to have around, and I’ve already infused some sweet prints into my interior design client’s room as well…

+ I also got to travel back to Boston and visit my insanely gorgeous and super sweet gal pal Jessica of Oh, I Design, and it was the best reality check to be reminded of how lucky I am to have the friends that I do. AND, she just had one of her own interior design projects shared in the Boston Globe, and it is lovely. Have a look here!


And of course, in case you missed yesterday’s announcement, there is a new lookbook up in the Millay Vintage shop, along with a whole new collection of goods that are moving fast. So if your fingers aren’t tired from clicking all the links above yet, make sure to take a gander!



The SS 2015 Millay Vintage Lookbook

April 13, 2015

SS 2015 Millay Vintage Lookbook | All Things Lovely


I’m super excited to share our SS 2015 Millay Vintage Lookbook that just went live over on the Millay Vintage shop site! We’ve also made the shop site itself cleaner, made navigation a bit easier, and launched a beautiful new collection just in time for this Spring weather that has finally been showing its face.


SS 2015 Millay Vintage Lookbook | All Things Lovely


Be sure to hop on over, take a browse, and pick a thing or two for yourself from the fresh stock— there’s lots of loveliness to peruse and I’m hoping you’ll love it all as much as I do.


+  Take a look at our spruced up shop site

+  Shop our Fresh Arrivals now

+  Peruse our new lookbook


And if all that weren’t enough, I’ve got some big news up my sleeve that I’m dying to share. Details coming soon!


Anthropologie Home

April 8, 2015

Anthropologie Home | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


First and foremost: can I have that amazing glass cabinet above for my studio please? Just one will do, thank you very much.

A little while back, Anthropologie announced that they’d be expanding their home section, which debuted earlier this year (or maybe even at the end of last year? Time has become a blur lately….). In any case, their expanded department has now had a few months to grow into itself and it’s been interesting to see a few new directions arising in their aesthetics.


Anthropologie Home | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely Anthropologie Home | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


I like all the pieces above (particularly that abstract art, the three pronged globe lamp, and that happy teapot), but the aesthetic of these rooms struck me as a lot brighter and peppier than their usual offerings — these rooms definitely lend a much cleaner, more lacquered and conventionally polished look than I expected to see when flipping through their recent catalog.


Anthropologie Home | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


Then about half-way through their thick home-only catalog, I hit their “romantic” section, and shocker!, I fell in love. (I mean, there is a reason Millay Vintage is catered towards the romantic and adventurous.)


Anthropologie Home | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


For now, their home offerings have been relegated into three personalities: the optimist, the romantic, and the artist. The optimist seems to rotate around a vibrant, polished aesthetic, the romantic around muted, ornate, and somewhat deconstructed elements (le sigh), and the artist exuding a bit more of a bohemian bent.


Anthropologie Home | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


There are moments to love within each of their self-imposed divisions, and a few of my favorites are listed below.


Pearled Magnolia Chandelier  |  Bulle Glass Tapered Vases  |  Smoky Rose Wallpaper  |  Wafture Planter  |  Brass Capped Decanter  |   Quiet Paris   |   Chinoiserie Bed   |   Velvet Edlyn Ottoman


You can see more of their recent home catalog online here.

Monday Motivation | 05

April 6, 2015

Monday Motivation 05 | All Things Lovely - Millay Vintage


“Let’s do what we love and do a lot of it.”  —Marc Jacobs


Sounds good to me. Happy Monday!

Monday Motivation | 04

March 30, 2015

Monday Motivation 04 | Jenna Kutcher | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


These words seem like the perfect frame of mind to start off a new week, if you ask me. Armed with a load of good vibes and a strong cup of coffee (or two), let’s take this Monday by storm, shall we? Good tunes also never hurt, so here are a few playlists I’m loving to help kick-start your week:

one  //  two  //  three


– –

FYI: you can purchase these lovely words of motivation here.

Friday Favorites | 08

March 27, 2015

March has been a completely bananas month, and I can’t remember a time when my schedule was this jam-packed. It’s good to be busy, of course, but I’m grateful this month is on its way to winding down. TGIF, right?

Friday Favorites | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


Just wanted to check in, say hello, and share a few of my favorite links of late. Cause the weekend is all about pouring yourself a glass of wine, getting in your sweats, and catching up on all the random reads and pretty things you missed on the nets from the week, right? Just nod your head yes ;)



+  Browse / shop Emily Henderson’s curated Chairish picks. I, for one, am super pumped that she’ll be rolling out her own shop soon, so this was a nice little teaser at what’s to come! (And touché to who ever nabbed this pretty little thing)

+  A most darling transitional weather outfit featuring above the knee skirts + turtlenecks. Cruising this lady’s fashion blog pushes my lust for those Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots to the limit…

+  Loving these silhouettes and streamlined palette of The Row’s pre-fall sneak peek.

+  11 women who are redefining beauty.

+  24 hours with Isabel Marant: A very matter of fact and honest look at a typical day in the life of this dreamy designer.

+  Jonesing to wallpaper your apartment? Me too. Here’s a renter’s cure that I’m bookmarking.

+  Kristyn Pankiw’s honest thoughts on the minimal wardrobe trend.



Any good stories, links, Buzzfeed videos that perked up your week? Please do share! (Heavens knows I love me a good Buzzfeed list…because I am human and I make no apologies.)

Thank you to everyone who scooped up loads of goods during our 30% off Spring Sale in the shop! I love sending off such special pieces to all corners of the world!

A happy weekend to all!


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