Insta Exhibition + a Farewell to September

October 1, 2014


If you are plugged into social media at all (and if you are reading this here blog, you must be), you have surely seen the #denimmadewell campaign prettying up your feeds. Their contest has ended, their well-deserved winners chosen, and now we are celebrating all the fantastic photos at a first ever Insta-Exhibition.


Mary of @millayvintage for Madewell | All Things Lovely  |


I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting the Exhibition being held here in Philadelphia with the lovely Katherine Anne, where we’ll be sipping and snacking and enjoying general merriment. Join us, won’t you? I’d love to meet some more friendly faces here in Philly!

You’ll also get to take home an Artifact Uprising card set featuring the winning snaps with any purchase* you make that evening. Fun, right?

1716 Walnut St. Philadelphia, PA
Thursday, October 2nd, 7-9PM

RSVP on the FB event page or at


It’s also October 1st, which means it’s time to bid September adieu. It also means I am officially dusting off my reliable sweaters, unplugging our ugly window AC units, and picking pretty plaids, cozy cable knits, and autumnal hues for the Millay Vintage shop.

September in an Instaglance | All Things Lovely - Millay Vintage Blog |

Fall in Boston is one of the most beautiful sights of nature you can imagine, and I am looking forward to how it compares here in Philly.

How did your September look, friends? Anything you are looking forward to this fall?


Monday Musing

September 29, 2014

All Things Lovely - Millay Vintage Blog | Monday Musing |


There is something refreshing about Mondays, don’t you agree? They offer a chance to hit refresh and approach those to do lists with a renewed vigor. Mondays also help me realize that I have to mentally create days where I allow myself a clean slate. Otherwise, tasks can too easily become overwhelming and my attitude can feel clouded by mistakes or victories of the past. This clean slate helps remind me that I can try to do things differently, take a couple risks while improving tried and true routines. They offer a marker to learn from the week before and improve the week ahead of you (if you let it).

So here we go Monday: let’s look at today as a clean, fresh start.


Mary’s Current Favorites

September 24, 2014

All Things Lovely | Millay Vintage |

1930s / 1940s Velvet Royalty Gown    /    1940s Lattice Loop Nightgown


All Things Lovely | Millay Vintage |

1940s Tan Arbres Skirt    /    1960s / 1970s Navy & White Grid Skirt

All Things Lovely | Millay Vintage |

1960s Copper Cup Set    /    1970s Framed Woven Art

All Things Lovely | Millay Vintage |

1950s / 1960s Peach Lace Open Robe    /    1950s Plaid Festival Dress

I genuinely believe that each collection at Millay Vintage gets better and better, and I’m pretty proud of this latest set that landed in the shop on Monday. Between the home items, delicate intimates, and pretty plaids, each item serves as a perfect piece to transition into fall, to serve as a timeless staple for your home or wardrobe, and is distinct enough to be unique without feeling over-the-top.

These are a few of my favorite things…now do share, which are yours?

Shop our Fresh Arrivals HERE.


Everlane’s #FromThePeople

September 22, 2014


Mary Spears of Millay Vintage on Everlane #FromThePeople |


Everlane — a company all about elevating the everyday basics and paying special attention to using premium fabrics while preserving affordability  — has become one of my favorites of late. I love the silk button down (pictured above) that tucks so perfectly into my vintage midi skirts, pairs well with jeans, and looks mighty sharp under a blazer. And I basically live in their french terry sweater. Sure they look good, but man do they feel good to the touch.

That said, I was ever so excited to be a part of their beautiful #FromThePeople story board, where they feature a few of their favorite Instagram snaps featuring their products. I am alongside some super talented creatives (like Alice Gao, Marte Marie Forsberg, Kessara, and Kate Arends), so I was both humbled and thrilled to see my photo above used to announce this feature in their email blast, to be included in their product image gallery, and be a part of their curated story.

To see the full story on Everlane, check it all out HERE.  |  To follow along on my own Instagram, click HERE.

Happy Monday folks! xo

Be Our Guest

September 19, 2014

All Things Lovely  (Millay Vintage Blog) |


Good heavens, these weeks are going by fast, aren’t they? I’m a little giddy about this weekend because my sweet and beautiful friend JESSICA is coming to visit with her husband and pup (who is coincidentally the apple of General Gazpacho’s eye) and the thought of being in their company again for a couple days just brings big smiles to my face. And hey-o, they will be our first overnight guests here in Philly!

Setting up their room to feel like a little home-away-from-home got me thinking about beautiful posts and tips I’ve seen over the years about how to be an attentive, generous, yet easy-going host. Because when you find a good friend who is with you through the thick and thin, encourages you in life and work, can sometimes finish your sentences, and is always up for another glass of champagne with you, you want to roll out the red carpet and make them feel pampered, no?

While I’d like to have a large, beautiful handwoven basket stuffed to the brim of organic and exotic face care and body lotions, fresh chocolate dipped strawberries and Fiji water bottles, and never worn sherpa lined slippers awaiting them aside their bed, I am but a twenty-something lady on a shoe-string budget…so I have to keep it real and think about the do-able essentials that show a bit of care and thoughtfulness.


Guest Room Essentials | All Things Lovely (Millay Vintage Blog) |

flowers  /  magazines  /  blanket  /  candle

For me? Those essentials mean some bedside reads, a calming candle, a comfy blanket, and some fresh snipped (read: free) blooms. I can make that happen, right?

Let me know if I’m forgetting something, and what makes you feel special when you are a guest at a friend’s pad! AND, if you are a fellow Philadelphia dweller, please leave a note on what we should check out — a favorite restaurant, park, shopping spot, anything. I’d love to hear.


TGIF. xoxo

The Last Box

September 16, 2014

At home with Mary Spears | All Things Lovely |

You know that pesky last box that gets pushed from corner to corner after you move somewhere new? With those random odds and ends you tossed before officially handing over the keys to your last place? That guy finally got unpacked over the weekend, so I am officially here in Philly.

Having come from a little apartment in Boston where things were feeling cramped between running a business and just trying to share a space with your partner and pup in an essentially storage-less city apartment, I’ve been eager to have some  r   o   o  m   to breathe, ya know? So I Craigslisted and donated away a majority of our things in a massive purge to bring my minimalist heart a little more contentment as we transplanted from one city to another.

It certainly helps to have a separate studio space for the biz, but this new abode also offers a lot more space and storage. I barely even know what to do with myself. Say what – we can buy more than a 4 pack of toilet paper at once? There is a coat closet?! Living in the freakin’ lap of luxury over here where there is a legitimate shelf designated to hold bathroom towels. It’s amazing. And the french doors with the vintage knobs are my Absolute. Favorite. Element. and I hug them daily and lavish them with hanging bundles of blooms (as evidenced above).

The kitchen though? It was and is an eye sore and I’m elbow deep in facelifting the space in creative and inexpensive ways that only renters can sympathize with (I may have laid contact paper on the counters, and have been painting tedious layers of paint on the water-damaged cabinets). The kitchen in this renter is my Kilimanjaro — I will make it lovelier, dammit, even if it gives me carpel tunnel along the way.

That said, let us pause and peruse some prettier kitchen spaces that will surely leave me inspired as I tackle the joys of outdated rental kitchens:


All Things Lovely  (Millay Vintage Blog)| Kitchen Inspiration


All Things Lovely (Millay Vintage Blog) | Kitchen Inspiration


While the end result is unlikely to be anything as dramatically beautiful as the spaces above because one still has to work with what one’s got, the end goal is to have a clean, light, minimal space with touches of texture, dark wood, and maybe even an unexpected graphic element or two to keep things from feeling too sterile. Now wish me luck friends!

Top image is my own, all other image sources can be found here.

Falling into Fall | A shift for your wardrobe

September 11, 2014

All Things Lovely | Falling into Fall |



The sun is rising later and the harsh humidity is starting to subside here in Philadelphia, which can really only mean one thing…summer is truly making its eloquent exit and preparing us for cooler months ahead. I am someone who likes to celebrate the seasons — I’m not thinking of fall in the middle August, and I’m not prepping for Thanksgiving and Winter now. And why should I? These mild transitions between seasons are really THE. BEST. TIMES. of the year. So rather than fast forwarding to the cold months of late fall and winter which requires bunkering down with thick wool coats and cable knits, andall-weather boots and mittens, I’m looking for ways to dress for and enjoy these first hints of fall.

These weeks are about exploring textures — warmer, sturdier textiles that still have a flexible breathability to them. Items that lend themselves to being layered upon in months to come, but shine on their own for now. I’m looking at high-waisted trousers, tops that give me a touch of warmth and will pair well with coats and heavier sweaters alike, and shoes my feet can frolic about in before they have to hibernate in boots for the rest of the year. Simple. Feminine. Minimal, with hints of vintage influence. Sounds pretty dang good to me!


Sources:  Hat by Biltmore (Madewell)  /  Cropped Bateau Neck Top by Elizabeth Suzann  /  High Waisted Trousers by Rachel Comey  /  Leather Dotted Wallet by Rennes  /  Noir Heels by Madewell

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