Monday Motivation | 04

March 30, 2015

Monday Motivation 04 | Jenna Kutcher | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


These words seem like the perfect frame of mind to start off a new week, if you ask me. Armed with a load of good vibes and a strong cup of coffee (or two), let’s take this Monday by storm, shall we? Good tunes also never hurt, so here are a few playlists I’m loving to help kick-start your week:

one  //  two  //  three


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FYI: you can purchase these lovely words of motivation here.

Friday Favorites | 08

March 27, 2015

March has been a completely bananas month, and I can’t remember a time when my schedule was this jam-packed. It’s good to be busy, of course, but I’m grateful this month is on its way to winding down. TGIF, right?

Friday Favorites | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely


Just wanted to check in, say hello, and share a few of my favorite links of late. Cause the weekend is all about pouring yourself a glass of wine, getting in your sweats, and catching up on all the random reads and pretty things you missed on the nets from the week, right? Just nod your head yes ;)



+  Browse / shop Emily Henderson’s curated Chairish picks. I, for one, am super pumped that she’ll be rolling out her own shop soon, so this was a nice little teaser at what’s to come! (And touché to who ever nabbed this pretty little thing)

+  A most darling transitional weather outfit featuring above the knee skirts + turtlenecks. Cruising this lady’s fashion blog pushes my lust for those Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee boots to the limit…

+  Loving these silhouettes and streamlined palette of The Row’s pre-fall sneak peek.

+  11 women who are redefining beauty.

+  24 hours with Isabel Marant: A very matter of fact and honest look at a typical day in the life of this dreamy designer.

+  Jonesing to wallpaper your apartment? Me too. Here’s a renter’s cure that I’m bookmarking.

+  Kristyn Pankiw’s honest thoughts on the minimal wardrobe trend.



Any good stories, links, Buzzfeed videos that perked up your week? Please do share! (Heavens knows I love me a good Buzzfeed list…because I am human and I make no apologies.)

Thank you to everyone who scooped up loads of goods during our 30% off Spring Sale in the shop! I love sending off such special pieces to all corners of the world!

A happy weekend to all!


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A Spring Sale at Millay Vintage!

March 20, 2015

The Millay Vintage Spring Sale! | All Things Lovely - Millay Vintage


As I type this, snow is billowing out of clouds above and blanketing these mean streets of Philly (booooo), so this first day of Spring is feeling like quite a tease without a bit of warmth in the air and a shining sun in the sky. BUT, alas, spring is here as today marks the official first day of the season on the calendar!

We don’t run promotions in the shop very often, so take advantage of this massive sale and stock up on all the vintage goodies your heart desires with 30% off of EVERYTHING until Tuesday March 24th!

Happy weekend, happy spring, and happy shopping loves! xo.


Friday Favorites | 07

March 13, 2015

As I write this post, I am giddy with joy that it is no longer an ice luge here in Philly. The sun is out! The temperature is mild! Spring is near! Here’s hoping I didn’t just jinx us….

Friday Favorites 07 | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely

Here’s a round-up of my favorite links I stumbled across this week:

1  /  After seeing these knives by Quitokeeto, I’m all of a sudden so over my dinged up knives. Also, never thought I would be into knives, but there you go. Slicing your grapefruit never looked so good.

2  /  If you are like me and all caught up on your tv shows, still feeling the void that is the end of the first season of Serial, and running out of things to listen to, here’s a nice little list of podcasts worth queue-ing up.

3  /  I’m pretty into this Ikea hack: that dresser is super swanky isn’t it? My only concern would be that with those new legs, the piece would start to bow…

4  /  And speaking of grapefruits, Jessica Comingore does it again with this lovely little grapefruit-centric moodboard.


Wishing you all a sunny, warm, and relaxing weekend!


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P.S. If you haven’t already, I also suggest you check out the new collection that launched in the shop this past week. LOADS of lovely, if I do say so myself.


Interiors Project: An Itty Bitty Office

March 12, 2015

Well howdy ho, neighbor-ohs. As you know, this year marks the start of Millay Vintage offering interior design services, which has been an exciting, fun, and challenging new venture. One of my current projects involves a multi-phase process of tackling a majority of a recently-flipped and fully updated 1920s home.

Since my client works from home, a LOT of her time is spent cooped up in a small office space that she’s outfitted with oversized, bulky, and non-efficient office furnishings that were left over from her previous home. Because she spends so much time in this room and desperately needed it be updated and efficient, we thought we would start there before moving on to other rooms in her home.

While I’m still in the throws of finishing this room out, let’s look at some before photos and the overall gameplan, shall we?

Itty Bitty Office Befores | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely

While these are clearly not award-winning photos (it’s such a tight space that it’s tough to get decently pulled-back shots), they definitely convey the problems that needed to be tackled.

While the perimeter of the room is lined with “office” furniture, non of the pieces are actually doing their job well. This room is suffering from a lack of smart storage, organization, and personalization. The client actually described it to me perfectly: she feels claustrophobic, like the room is closing in on her. Not a great way to spend your work day, right?

So here is the game-plan:

Itty Bitty Office Moodboard | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely

Chair via West Elm  /  Plant hanger via Hruskaa  /  Wall sconce via Onefortythree  /  Desk via Ikea  /  Printer caddy via Ikea  /  Vintage rug via Homestead Seattle  / File cabinet via West Elm


Even though this is technically a 1920s house, all of the character was lost on the interior during the houses “flip” (which, by the way, makes me all kinds of sad. I totally get wanting to update features like plumbing or windows, but none of the original features of this home were preserved, which certainly seems a shame — if you can save floors, tiles, trim, built-ins, etc., then please do friends, please do!). However, working in a lot of vintage and antique pieces in an effort to overcompensate would have been the wrong approach for a number of reasons in this space.

1. Because of this being an office space, we needed modern amenities to house her office things — like printers, fax machines, land lines, big computer pieces, etc., and while that definitely can be done with the right vintage pieces, because of time, space, and budget, it wasn’t a smart route for this project.

2. We needed the furniture pieces to be super-efficient storage-wise

3. Her personal taste leans MUCH more modern rustic (i.e. Pottery Barn), so everything new to her taste needed to be introduced in moderation, not in overload.

So, we are going light and bright in the color-scheme to open up the space (and thankfully, we have loads of natural light in there!) with a light blue-grey on the walls, and all white and cream furnishings. I’ll then ground the space with a dark patterned antique rug, (hopefully) a rich painted art piece, and some greenery.

Of course, a few of the specific pieces have changed from those presented above, but do I have your attention yet on how we need to change this space??

Good, I was hoping so ;). Stay tuned for the final result!



Vintage Prints: Inkifi & Millay Vintage

March 10, 2015

Inkifi x Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely


When Inkifi asked me to team up with them in showcasing their beautiful print services, I did a little reading up on their company, checked out their products, and then more than happily obliged.

Their prints are eco-friendly and naturally made and find that perfect balance of having a matte finish without looking washed out. I love their vintage series in particular (go freaking figure), which has a Polaroid-inspired format. They elicit a bit of nostalgia for times when a printed photo was something exciting and special and perfectly house all those Instagram square snaps without feeling like having square prints all about is a passing fad.

Plus, to be real, their prices are super reasonable, their customer service is over-the-top excellent, and their prints are beautiful. Like tape them all over your wall beautiful. And as you can see, I did just so…


Inkifi x Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely

Inkifi x Millay Vintage | All Things LovelyInkifi x Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely


After a particularly long and challenging day last week, I came home to this package of prints sitting on my doorstep and they were the perfect surprise to open up. I sat in our breakfast nook the next morning taking down my hot coffee and delightfully looking through all these little snapshots that Inkifi printed up for me with my husband, and we found ourselves smiling, laughing, and doing that whole “remember when..?” that each photo prompted. And obviously, we got some prints of General Gazpacho for good measure, because we are unabashedly obsessed with our pooch and he loves the camera (if you need further evidence, just browse through here). If you don’t love General Gazpacho, then who in the world are you?!?! I digress…


Inkifi x Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely Inkifi x Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely


And since I don’t think I mentioned it before here on the blog, Inkifi actually ran an interview with me about my love for vintage and what motivates me as a creative and how I run my business. It was my favorite interview I’ve done yet — when you get smart, thoughtful questions coming from kind, genuine people? It’s just a good formula, friends.


Inkifi x Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely


Inkifi x Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely


The best part of all? They are kindly extending a discount code to Millay Vintage blog readers. Just enter “millayvintage” at checkout for 20% off through March 31st!


Inkifi x Millay Vintage | All Things Lovely


+ Read my interview on the Inkifi blog here

+ Purchase your own set of vintage prints here (and enter code “millayvintage”)


– – –

Note: While Inkifi did provide me with complimentary prints, all opinions shared are my own.

Fresh Arrivals in the MV Shop

March 9, 2015

Good gracious people, we’ve just released a MASSIVE new collection of goods in the Millay Vintage shop—hands down our largest collection yet with forty new items—and it basically felt like giving birth to twins (no epidural) bringing this round of goods to fruition…but oh-so-worth-it, of course.

I’ll save you from any other bad and dramatic analogies by just cutting to the chase and sharing a few of my absolute favorites from this collection. I’ll also leave you with this little teaser: I’ve got a fantastic set of posts slated for this here blog this week, so be sure to stick around, check back often, and perhaps subscribe via email (see right sidebar) or RSS to make sure you don’t miss a single beat over here!

So brace yourself: this collection includes a vintage Valentino sweater, gorgeous gowns, amazing home goods, and something that looks mighty like an old Hermes kelly bag (wink wink)…

Fresh Arrivals | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely

Brass Mid Century Wire Shelves  |  1950s Gimbels Cocktail Dress

Fresh Arrivals | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely

1930s Silk and Lace Dressing Gown  |  Crochet Circle Cloth

Fresh Arrivals | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely

1940s Floral Silk Robe  |  1950s 1960s Wooden Jewelry Box

Fresh Arrivals | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely

1950s Garden Rose Cardigan  |  1950s Crochet Blouse

Fresh Arrivals | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely
Coiled Basket Plant Hanger  |  1990s Palest Blush Silk Blouse

Fresh Arrivals | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely

Cameo Brooch  |  1980s Valentino Sweater

Fresh Arrivals | Millay Vintage - All Things Lovely

Wool Karastan Rug II  |  1950s Blue Lace Dressing Gown

Happy Monday to you all!


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